3Doodler PRO Plastic Nylon

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  • Strong and Flexible: A durable, semi-flexible material with a fabric-like feel.
  • Dye to Customize: Can be customized with fabric dyes to create unique colors and patterns.
  • Versatile Doodling: Can be used to make functional parts and free-form structures.
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Plastic Promise

We want you to trust every Doodle you or your children create! That’s why we partner with the best engineers and factories around the world, and source only the highest quality plastics.

All 3Doodler plastic strands are made from the highest quality materials, at factories in the US, UK and Spain, and they have all been subjected to the strictest standards of safety testing. This includes passing RoHS testing, Toxological Risk Assessments, LHAMA compliance testing, and heavy metal testing by labs including Intertek and Bureau Vertias (two of the world's most reputable testing labs).

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