Community Spotlight: The Doodle is in the Detail

Grace Du Prez is a mixed media designer in London, England. Her portfolio spans inventive accessory pieces through to experimental textiles. She first made headlines with 3Doodler with her stunning 3Doodled Peacock Hat for Ladies' Day at Royal Ascot. It was clear that we had to learn more about her craft, and since then we have collaborated with Grace on a whole range of pieces, with some more exciting "objects of desire" in the works. This week we are excited to go behind the scenes of...

Community Spotlight: Shaping the Surreal

Yudi Marton lives in Haifa, Israel and is a treasure of the 3Doodler Community. No stranger to creative curiosity, Yudi was among the first to explore the world of computer generated digital artwork more than 25 years ago. This same instinct is what initially piqued his interest in our original Kickstarter campaign over a year ago. One thing led to another, and Yudi is now one of our most prolific 3Doodlers out there, using multiple pens to produce incredible sculptures that often take...
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50 Shades of PLA

Our plastic gets us really hot under the collar. So hot we’re thinking about making a movie about it. But before we do, we decided to get a little steamy in the kitchen... with the 3Doodler... on the floor… on the work-surfaces… all of them... in fact anywhere we could find to Doodle. Even on our cupcakes. The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. If you’re getting fancy in the kitchen and preparing special Valentine’s Day Cupcakes, then here are five handy techniques for...

3Doodler 2.0: The Rocket

To celebrate the stratospheric launch of 3Doodler 2.0, Pete Dilworth, inventor and co-founder, decided to stage a second, very different kind of launch last weekend... “The basic process for building the rocket was pretty straightforward. I started by rolling ordinary white printer paper into tubes, and then found a picture of the Apollo rocket online in order to figure out the proper proportions. Once I had those basic pieces in place I simply spent a while extruding plastic in...
Mary Ann wall sculpture collage

3Doodled Resin Wall Sculptures

Mary Ann Rolfe is a mixed media artist who has been providing us with beautiful 3D design pieces since our early Kickstarter days. We published our first Mary Ann blog piece last November when she shared her 3Doodled photo frames with us, and we're thrilled to be able to show off her latest innovative use of the 3Doodler - making 3Doodled resin wall sculptures. "I’ve been enjoying working on these resin wall sculptures. My challenge was to push the limits of the digital prints...
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The 3Doodler from Glass Ink Media.


Introducing the DoodleStand