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3Doodler for DIY

One of our favorite things about the 3Doodler Community is the array of new uses for the 3Doodler that you keep finding. We’ve always thought of the 3Doodler as a  practical tool as well as a powerful creative medium, so we wanted to take a moment to showcase some of the 3Doodler DIY uses you’ve been sharing with us: 1. Give your phone an upgrade by Doodling a new case. No need to look like everyone else, use our stencil as a starting point for making a case that will give your...
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Back to School with 3Doodler

Over the past year we’ve watched in amazement at how quickly the 3Doodler has inspired creativity in those who least expected it, as well as expanded the horizons of those interested in 3D modeling, structural design, or art of all kinds. With a new school year just around the corner, we wanted to take a look at the versatility and usefulness of the 3Doodler in the classroom. Personalization and Decoration With many students using identical school supplies, putting a name on your...
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The 3Doodled Seashell Lace Dress

When we first created the 3Doodler, we suspected there would be uses for a 3D printing pen in fashion, but we never imagined that it would be used to create an entire dress. Enter SHIGO, a fashion art house founded by two young Hong Kong fashion designers, who use fashion as a platform to express their designs and ideas. SHIGO love to break from traditional thinking and try new things. This was clear when they said to to us "no one has used the 3Doodler to produce clothing made completely...
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Sara Berti: Mixed Media Art

Sara Berti is an Italian sculptor who spends her time living between Turkey, Italy and Hungary. Sara emailed us a few months ago about incorporating the 3Doodler into her work. Impressed by her unique sculptures and excited by her love for experimenting with an array of artistic techniques we were fully on board. The thought of Sara using the 3Doodler to create 3D art sculptures and 3D drawings had us jumping at the chance to collaborate with her. Sara explained to us that she likes to...
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Niki Firmin: 3Doodle a “Moodle”

I had the pleasure of meeting Niki at 3D Printshow in London last year and was speechless when I saw her 3Doodled exhibition pieces! Niki’s talent for doodling put my 2D doodles to shame, and it’s been one of my ‘Doodler’ highlights of the year watching her skills progress and seeing how she has forged a relationship between fine art and 3D Printing; in turn creating some incredible 3D art that will take anyone's breath away. Niki Firmin is a self taught artist who has always had...
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