3Doodler 2.0: The Rocket

To celebrate the stratospheric launch of 3Doodler 2.0, Pete Dilworth, inventor and co-founder, decided to stage a second, very different kind of launch last weekend... “The basic process for building the rocket was pretty straightforward. I started by rolling ordinary white printer paper into tubes, and then found a picture of the Apollo rocket online in order to figure out the proper proportions. Once I had those basic pieces in place I simply spent a while extruding plastic in...
Mary Ann wall sculpture collage

3Doodled Resin Wall Sculptures

Mary Ann Rolfe is a mixed media artist who has been providing us with beautiful 3D design pieces since our early Kickstarter days. We published our first Mary Ann blog piece last November when she shared her 3Doodled photo frames with us, and we're thrilled to be able to show off her latest innovative use of the 3Doodler - making 3Doodled resin wall sculptures. "I’ve been enjoying working on these resin wall sculptures. My challenge was to push the limits of the digital prints...
3Doodled Plane Part 2 Blog Header

Taking Flight: The 3Doodled Plane Part 2

Matthew Butchard is a designer and tinkerer who hails from Oxfordshire, England. In Part 1 of this post Matt gave us an inside look at how he first got his 3Doodled plane off the ground. Now for his first powered take-off! The First Powered Flight Have you ever started down a path knowing that you’re chances of success were limited, but unable to resist giving it a go? From the moment we arrived in the field Dave, the pilot, made it clear that some modifications would be needed to...
The Champ 3Doodled Plane Blog Header

Taking Flight: Meet Matt Butchard and his 3Doodled Plane

Matthew Butchard is a designer and tinkerer who hails from Oxfordshire, England. We were blown away when we saw his flying 3Doodled plane and he was gracious enough to give us an inside look at all the work that went into it. This is part one of a two part story, so stay tuned for more! I’ve always wanted to build a plane that could actually fly. Even though people around the world make and fly model airplanes all the time, it always seemed like something out of my reach. Perhaps it’s...

Happy Holidays from 3Doodler

It’s that time of year again. Time to scoff down unimaginable amounts of food. Time to agonizingly choose between all those Starbucks festive flavours. Time to sing and be merry. And yes… Time to Doodle. This time last year, with only a few thousand 3Doodlers out there we did our best to light the way. Festive Plastic Packs, Holiday stencils, and 3Doodled Christmas Trees smattered across our social channels. But times have changed, and you, our kick-ass community, are already hard at it,...
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