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A collection of ramblings and reports about 3Doodling and 3Doodler.

Tiny Doodles Breathe Life into Tiny Spaces

February 21st, 2017|

3Doodler design intern Nikka Francisco helps give life to empty space and takes us on a tour of a gallery model full of possibility.

3Doodler: Disruption & Reinvention Four Years On

February 14th, 2017|

As we celebrate our 4th birthday, we take a look back on the journey that led to where we are now and the community that helped support us.

What's New: Pastel Perfection

February 9th, 2017|

For 2017 we're introducing four new Create colors in a perfect pastel palette: Rose Gold, Powder Blue, Hint of Lime, and Butterscotch.

5 Lifesaving DIY Doodles for the Home

February 1st, 2017|

Save your home items and your money at the same time with these easily Doodled DIY repairs for common breaks and damages.

7 DIY Hacks to Doodle for Your Camera

January 26th, 2017|

Whether you're a seasoned pro or taking snapshots for fun, these 3Doodler lifesaving hacks will help extend the use of all your photography gear!

New Year, New Classroom

January 25th, 2017|

It's been three months since we launched our Match Offer with to help educators across the USA bring 3D technology to their classrooms.


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