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Jina Sim – Wire artist 3Doodles the Globe

3Doodler has recently had the privilege of working with a Korean wire artist by the name of Jina Sim. Sim uses wires to recreate various objects in real life situations. The repetitively tangled and twisted wires work as a "boundary that distinguish the outer world of an object, to separate what is real from what is not". Using wires in her craft, Sim visually challenges the viewers to see the inner and outer aspects of the object simultaneously. To see examples of Sim’s wire work click...
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3Doodler 3D printing pen exclusive to Maplin in UK

Maplin is to exclusively sell the 3Doodler in the UK. The 3Doodler is already available on the Maplin website and will be in the retailer’s high street stores from April 20. 3Doodler established itself as a Kickstarter success story after raising a massive $2.34m (£1.5m) for manufacturer WobbleWorks, which only sought an original...
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Three-Pin Control Port

Last September we did a blog post outlining the new ‘secret’ features that would be released on the 3Doodler and one of them was the three-pin control port, which can be used to control the buttons on the 3Doodler without actually having to touch the buttons themselves. What can you do with the three-pin control? To put it simply… You can do lots of stuff with the three-pin control! Make a switch so that the 3Doodler keeps going for longer periods of time Connect it to CNC...
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Top 10 things you should know about your 3Doodler

So, you’ve just received your 3Doodler in the mail and you can’t wait to start doodling! You’ve spent months deliberating what to create, but before you begin here are a few things to help you on your 3Doodling journey: 1: The 3Doodler team has uploaded some short ‘Getting Started’ videos to our community page to make your doodling experience as smooth as possible.  To find out about the different speed and temperature settings on your 3Doodler click here:...
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New Community Launch Pad

What makes the 3Doodler special is everyone in our community. Your passion and engagement is what keeps us going, so we wanted to make it even easier for everyone to be inspired, learn and help each other out. We're excited to introduce the new and improved community launch pad at, with easy access to the three main sections that make up our community website: 1. Stencils / Projects: Try one of our many stencils on our projects page. We have stencils to decorate...
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Giant Eiffel Tower

It’s hard to believe that a whole year has passed since we posted our original 3Doodled Eiffel Tower on our Kickstarter page. 12 months later we’ve done it again and created a 6-foot masterpiece that puts our original doodle to shame! 3Doodler Co-Founder, Max Bogue, started building the ginormous landmark during Thanksgiving in late 2013, and construction continued throughout the holiday season as we prepared to showcase it at CES in Las Vegas in January of this year. The ‘Giant’...
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3Doodler Video Launch

While the majority of the world was busy making (and possibly breaking) their New Year resolutions on the 1st January 2014, the amazing team at Glass Ink Media was working hard on our new 3Doodler promo video – and what an amazing job they did! “Our video concept was simple. We wanted to show the 3Doodler as an evolution of the pen into 3-dimensional space. To do this, we put the 3Doodler in the context of past pen styles and technologies, from quill to fountain pen, to ballpoint....
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3Doodler Accessories & More!

After such an amazing 2013, we're thrilled to kick off the New Year with some great announcements and a sneak peek of what's to come from 3Doodler this year. At CES in Las Vegas we're announcing the roll out of 3Doodler to retail later this quarter, with stores such as; the MoMA Store and Brookstone leading the way. We have also been working closely with distributors in a number of countries and expect to see 3Doodlers all over the world by the summer, and in over 21 countries...
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Bud Bullivant’s Stunning Sunfish

Inviting Bud Bullivant to work with us on our Kickstarter was a total no brainer. Inspired by nature, his work really resonated for us. His pieces were almost exclusively dedicated to animals, and his use of natural materials together with his wire work stood out amongst all the artists we reviewed. So we dropped Bud a line and asked him if he would help create some of our backer rewards. Two days and fourteen emails later we were set - we had even burrowed into the details of packaging for...
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3Doodled Triplane

The idea to do the Red Barron's triplane with the 3Doodler goes back to another triplane model I made as a kid.  I got a book from the library back then (no internet yet!) and used the drawings in the book to make a 1/5 sized scale model from wood and cloth.  That model was eventually lost as time went by and I always missed it as it was one of the first really cool things I made.  The 3Doodled plane is kind of a tribute to that old project. This is how I made...
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Rolfe Panorama

As a mixed media artist I jumped on the chance to order a 3Doodler on Kickstarter. I am beyond excited to explore combing the 3Doodler output with various materials I currently use. What a fabulous addition to my toolbox!  To say that this new tool has got my creative juices flowing is an understatement. For my first project I combined photos, ABS plastic, polymer clay and painted wood bases to create this travel panorama for a gift. The finished components were easily assembled using Super...
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3D Printshow Overview

The 3Doodler team had the privilege of attending the incredible 3D Printshow in London last Thursday, Friday and Saturday and had an absolute blast! Here’s a glimpse of some of the amazing stuff that was on show! Missed the 3D Prinshow in London but want some 3Doodler fun in Paris? We’ll be there the 15– 16th November!
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3D Printshow London!

This week we’ll be doodling up a storm at 3D Printshow London (this Thursday, Friday and Saturday) in our very own 3Doodler Creative Lab. The event is taking place at the Business Design Centre in Islington and promises to be a show to remember. As well as 3Doodler there’ll be a 3D Printshow Hospital, the world’s first 3D printed car, and the chance to be immortalized as a mini 3D printed statue. We also snapped these cool shots during setup today: Check out the show schedule...
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First month of 3Doodling

“The 3Doodler lives up to my expectations and more! It opens up a lot more fun options and I would have loved to have 3-4 of them to use them for workshops… " – Kickstarter backer The past eight months have been a crazy time for the 3Doodler team, from launching the 3Doodler on Kickstarter in February, to shipping the first 3Doodlers in September (and of course everything in between!). Even though the team has had very little sleep over the past few months, we have loved every minute...
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Etsy Artist Update: Ruth

A few weeks before our Kickstarter launched we were brainstorming how to show backers the artistic potential of 3Doodler. It occurred to us that wire art was a very close parallel, at least in look and feel, to 3Doodling. So we scoured the web and came across some truly talented wire artists on Etsy. After browsing their work and figuring out how to explain 3Doodler to them, we dropped them a line, which read a little like this: “We're about to release a 3D drawing pen (called 3Doodler)....
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