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3Doodled Your Halloween Mask Yet?

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you’re anything like us you hate waiting in line at costume stores (only to see four other people with the same costume!). Why not take back the power of creation and 3Doodle your own Halloween mask or even an entire costume? To make your own mask, all you need to do is buy a simple white mask and start doodling on it using ABS or PLA plastic. Create your Doodle layer by layer and add any special details; keeping in mind that you can continue...
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Master your 3Doodler with this beautiful new book from 3DTotal

One of our main goals at 3Doodler is to build a vibrant and engaged community that creates inspiring content for one another. With that in mind we were thrilled to hear about a new Kickstarter project from the team at 3DTotal Publishing - a truly beautiful and well thought through book that shows people how to use the 3Doodler to create an array of awe-inspiring projects. "Master Your 3D Pen" is the first book dedicated to show you how to use the 3Doodler. The book is broken down...
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3Doodler Guide for PowerDoodlers (Part 2 of 2)

Hot off the heels of Part 1 last week, here is the second in the PowerDoodler tips and tricks series! Thanks for all your feedback. Some of your knowhow has made it into this piece. 1. "Tie Dye"/colour gradients Simply cut up two different coloured plastic strands into 1 cm pieces and then alternate the pieces as you load them into the 3Doodler. Start Doodling and watch in retro-awe as the colours switch back and forth, blending into one another. Go nuts and try it with more than 2 colours,...
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3Doodler Guide for PowerDoodlers (Part 1 of 2)

You’ve had your 3Doodler for some time now and are busy making amazing creations with it - but it’s time to step things up a notch! We’ve put together a series of posts for all you PowerDoodlers out there, with handy tips and tricks from across our community. Sit back, enjoy, and start thinking about what you'll create next: 1. Everyone has their own handwriting Doodlewriting There are so many ways to Doodle. Just as everyone has their own handwriting, everyone also has their...
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Exploration of space with the 3Doodler

We're always excited to hear about new applications for the 3Doodler. When Oktavia contacted us at the beginning of the year with a proposal for using the 3Doodler for her Bachelor Thesis, we jumped on board and gave her our full support! The concept for her thesis was the use of architectural space, room design ideas, and how using the 3Doodler could assist in visualizing the concept of space: Why did you decide to focus your thesis on the concept of space? “In my artistic work I...
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