We've been splashing around with underwater Doodles for the deep blue sea, but now we're looking toward calmer, and smaller waters with this Rubber Ducky tutorial to make bath time the best time!

What You'll Need:

1Rubber Ducky, You're the One

Use the scrap paper to make a shape like a duck's body. Tape over the paper to help it keep its shape. The golf ball will be used to model your duck's head.

3Doodler Tip: Masking tape works great as a surface to Doodle on because the plastic comes off easily while still keeping the right form!

2You Make Bath Time Lots of Fun

Tape up the golf ball with masking tape to make it easier to Doodle on.

3Rubber Ducky, I'm Awfully Fond of You

Start Doodling around the form you made for the body, using simple lines to outline the structure, and then filling in more and more. 

3Doodler Tip: Once you have the basic structure outlined, you can remove the paper and tape model inside! 

4Every Day When I

Use the golf ball to Doodle a sphere for the Ducky's head. 

3Doodler Tip: Doodle one half of the sphere first, then remove it from the golf ball and Doodle a second half. Then you can join the two halves together to make a whole sphere without the golf ball!

5Make My Way to the Tubby

Doodle the head of the Ducky onto the body.

6I Find a Little Fella

With the Orange plastic, Doodle a shape for the Ducky's bill. Fill in the shape until it's the right thickness for your Ducky.

7Who's Cute And Yellow and Chubby

Doodle the bill onto the Ducky's head, and using the black plastic add eyes to your Ducky.


Using more scrap paper, model some wings on the side of your Ducky's body, and then Doodle over them.

3Doodler Tip: Just like with the body, Doodle the outline first, then remove the paper and finish filling in the rest of the shape!


Rubber Ducky you're my very best friend it's true! 

Doo doo be dooo!

Making your own Doodled ducky?

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