Grace Du Prez is one of our long-standing Power Doodlers, and she impressed us earlier this year when she led a team of artists to create the world's largest Doodle - a life-size Nissan Qashqai!

Grace has been leading workshops introducing people to the 3Doodler and teaching how to make creative 3D projects, including this festive holiday star.

If you're looking for a project that will have you Doodling like a pro, check out Grace's step-by-step guide below!

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What You'll Need:

1Trace the Stencil

Trace over all the lines on the stencil making sure there are no gaps.

2Get to the point

Place one of Piece B onto the cross section of piece A. If you feel like you need an extra pair of hands then ask someone to help.
Apply a generous amount of plastic to weld the pieces together.
Grace's Tip: Keep Piece A stuck to the page so that it doesn't move around.

3Star of the show

Place one of Piece C on each side of Piece B and weld them all together securely.

4On the flip side

Peel the star of the page and turn the whole thing upside down so that the flat side of of Piece A is facing upwards.
Repeat Steps Two and Three.

5Add some shine

Starting in the center, zig-zag the plastic to cover the center section and then spiral around the points of the star.
When you get to the tip of the star spiral back to the center and secure the end.

Grace's Tip: If you like, add a loop so that you can hang your star up!

Happy Holidays!

Hang your star up and celebrate the season with the ones you love!

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Making your own holiday star?

Show us your own version of this festive Doodle! Be sure to tag us @3Doodler and Grace at @graceduprez, and use #3Doodler and #WhatWillYouCreate