Oh the weather outside is frightful, but your phone can look delightful!

Tis the season for festive holiday sweaters - but who says knitwear is just for clothing? With the 3Doodler Start and our environmentally-friendly Eco-Plastic you can "knit" your  phone a holiday sweater of its very own! And no hot parts on the Start means you don't have to worry about damaging your electronics - you can Doodle right onto your phone without the risk of doing any damage!

If you want your phone to look cozy and warm this holiday season, just follow our easy step-by-step tutorial below!

What You'll Need:

  • Your 3Doodler Start 
  • About 10 strands of Eco-Plastic in colors of your choice (exact amount depends on the pattern you choose and the size of your phone!)
  • Tape
  • Your phone
  • One of our Holiday Phone Case Stencils (click below for a printable version!)

1Secure the Stencil

Tape your stencil onto your phone using masking tape.

3Doodler Tip: Masking tape works best as it won't leave a sticky residue on your phone, and the plastic will come off the tape easily!

2Doodle the Details

Start by Doodling one of the colors on the stencil. Work horizontally across the pattern, using a zig-zag motion with your 3Doodler to give texture.
3Doodler Tip: You may want to use your finger to smooth out any pointy ends left by the pen, but be careful not to push down too hard or you'll erase the texture that gives this case it's knitted look!

3Colorfully Creative

Follow the pattern with the next color, continuing to work horizontally and using the same zig-zag motion.

3Doodler Tip: When you push the button to stop Doodling, wait until you hear the filament retract before lifting the pen - this will help prevent long stringy strands of plastic!

4Let it Snow!

Fill in the background color with white (or whichever color you choose!). Make sure you use enough plastic in between the other colors to bind everything together.
3Doodler Tip: Don't worry about going to the edges of your phone yet, as we'll remove the pattern from the paper first before constructing the case! If your phone is smaller, the pattern may wrap around the edges.

5Construct the Case

Carefully peel the paper from your Doodle. Place your Doodle back onto your phone in the position you want it, and begin to Doodle around the edges, wrapping around the sides of your phone.

3Doodler Tip: Make sure to leave space for the buttons and camera on your phone!

6Finishing Festive Touches

Finish your case by Doodling around the edge to create a nice border. Once the plastic has had time to solidify, you can carefully peel your case off your phone!

Happy Holidays!

Share the love by making gifts for your friends and family, or match your phone to your favorite holiday sweater!

Making your own holiday phone case?

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