Hold your head high with these handsome horns!

We love it when Doodlers take a creative concept to the next level, and costumes, cosplay, and character design are the perfect place for imaginative exploration! With the 3Doodler, you can create fantasy accessories that have the power to transform you to fit into any genre or imaginative world.

Power Doodler (and 2016 3Doodler Award Winner) Heather shows how you can craft your own head-turning costume with a few simple steps.

Create your own with our easy step-by-step tutorial below!

What You'll Need:

1Prep the Paper

Start by forming the shape of your horns with newspaper. This will give you a form to Doodle on which will help your plastic hold the right shape. You can make your horns as big or as small as you like, in whatever shape suits your needs.
Wrap your newspaper forms in packing tape.
Heather's Tip: Heat resistant packing tape is great to Doodle on, because the plastic comes off easily from the form. You can use it on anything to create a good Doodling surface or mold!

2The Doodle is in the Detail

Fill in the decorative detail as you like. Use lines, squiggles, or circles to fill in the area of your horns. Be sure to leave a space along the back of your horns so you can remove the newspaper.

Heather's Tip: Hold the tip of your 3Doodler away from the surface and let the plastic fall in a naturally chaotic pattern to create a textured organic look.

3Hollow Horns

Carefully remove the newspaper from the inside of your horn form.

4Final Fill-In

Carefully fill in the gap along the back of your horns to make the form complete.

5Cornucopia of Options

Once both horns are complete, you can attach them to a headband, Doodle your own attachment, or use a mask (like this one Heather had on hand).

The only limit is your imagination!

6Ready to Wear

Customize your design for your own costume needs! Get creative with colors and shapes to make horns that show off your personality.

Making your own Doodled horns?

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