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  • Designed for Professionals

    Introducing the most advanced 3D printing pen from the maker of the original 3D printing pen.

    Designed to meet the demands and ambitions of creative professionals - architects, engineers, designers, artists and more.

    The 3Doodler PRO is an invaluable prototyping and tactile design tool like no other, enabling you to efficiently communicate your unique creative vision in 3D form.

  • Design. Elevated.

    The 3Doodler PRO is like your own personal freehand 3D printer.

    Nothing measures up to seeing concepts in 3D form when it comes to evaluating and communicating your ideas. The 3Doodler PRO lets you test and explore the form, shape and scale of your designs.

    With the 3Doodler PRO, it's not about "Doodles" anymore - the PRO is built with the needs, ambitions and demands of creative professionals in mind.


  • Carve Creations with Wood

    Made with real wood fibre, this material allows you to form lightweight 3D structures with the 3Doodler PRO pen.

    Doodles will have a sandy surface appearance (and a pleasant but mild wood aroma), which you can sand down, stain, or carve with the hot tip of your pen, to create unique finishes.

    The 3Doodler PRO Wood Filaments can also be used for repairs on wooden furniture, floors, utensils and more.  You can choose from Cherry, Birch, Walnut, and Natural to create your desired effect.

  • Wonderous Weaving with Nylon

    The 3Doodler Nylon Filament material refills for use with the 3Doodler PRO 3D pen allows you to create structures that have a semi-flexible, fabric-like feel.

    It is best used to make functional parts or free-form structures. Similar to the 3Doodler FLEXY plastic, the Nylon material is also bendable, but makes a sturdier structure that keeps its shape when hardened.

    Mix up your technique and use extruded Nylon filament to weave, crochet or braid to create unique textures. You can also use fabric dye on your creation to give it a unique, colorful finish.

  • Mold Your Masterpiece with Metal

    The 3Doodler Bronze and Copper Filament refills for the 3Doodler PRO 3D pen allow you to create 3D structures which can be polished for a premium-looking metallic finish.

    To increase the strength of your creation, a layering technique is recommended when working with the metal material. Made with real copper and bronze, you can polish your finished pieces with sand paper to achieve a shinier and smoother finish. For smaller creations, you can use the tumbling finishing technique for the most polished look.


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  • Take your designs to the next level with the world's first professional-grade 3D printing pen.

    Our PRO pen has been enhanced with dial-controlled temperature and speed settings, built-in variable fan, and the widest range of materials available on the market, including wood, metal, nylon, ABS, PLA, and FLEXY™.

    3Doodler Pro Pen Set

    INCLUDES: 3Doodler Pro Pen, a 3Doodler JetPack portable battery pack, a power adapter, a Nozzle Set containing 6 different nozzles (0.5mm, 1.0mm 1.5mm, ribbon, square and triangle plus smoothing tool), an unblocking tool, and 5 packs of 3Doodler Plastic, each containing 25 strands in Wood, Nylon, ABS (Black), FLEXY (Black) materials, and PLA (Clear).

    Our entire PRO catalog is also available on Amazon.


    Made with real wood fibre. Forms light-weight structures. Can be used for repairs on wooden utensils, furniture, or floors. Can be sanded or stained for unique finishes. $9.99/ pack














    Strong and durable with a semi-flexible, fabric-like feel. Can be used to make functional parts or free-form structures. Can be customized with fabric dyes. $9.99/ pack





    Made with real bronze and copper. Forms a slightly brittle structure, increasing in strength when layered. Can be sanded and polished for more shine. $14.99/ pack








    Semi-rigid, matte finish, with rapid cooling and solidifying. Best suited for rapid 3D prototyping and drawing into the air. $9.99/ pack








    Highly flexible with some stretch. Suitable for designs that need to bend, flex, or twist. $11.99/ pack











    Has a low melting point and is slower to harden, making it easy to shape at will. Strong and sturdy once hardened with a glossy finish. Ideal for applications requiring a rigid material that adheres to a variety of surfaces. $9.99/ pack





Squeezebox Portfolio Template

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3Doodler PRO featuring Wendy Fok

Wendy uses the PRO to add finer details to a sketch model, and visualizing how the design could fit into a landscape or general architectural setting.

Switching Materials / Removing Plastic

Alternate between different materials for mixed-media creations, or remove plastic for cleaning and maintenance of your 3Doodler PRO.

Removing the PRO Nozzle

Learn how to switch nozzles for different effects, shapes, and thicknesses or remove the nozzle for cleaning and maintenance of your 3Doodler PRO.

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PRO Tips for Printing in Wood, Nylon, and Metal
We’ve put together a summary of the characteristics of each specialty material along with some tips and tricks from Cornelia Kuglmeier.

Going Pro
Three creative professionals already exploring how the PRO can help them take their concepts further.


  • More

    Larger drive system

    A more powerful drive system keeps the PRO going for longer for more ambitious uses.

  • More

    Range of Nozzles

    To give you even more versatility for your chosen finish and extrusion.

  • More

    Power Options

    Comes complete with power adapter and battery pack for untethered use.

  • More

    Speed and Temperature Controls

    Tactile speed and temperature controls handle the widest range of materials for an unparalleled breadth of techniques and applications.

  • More

    LCD Display

    Monitor the PRO's temperature and speed settings in real time.

  • More

    Variable Fan Speed

    Control the rate at which materials cool and harden to suit your needs.

  • More

    Carbon Fiber Finish

    To balance durability and lightweight handling.


Product Features

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Redesigned from the ground up

The 3Doodler PRO pen allows creative professionals to take their ideas and concepts further than ever before.

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  • CorneliaKuglmeier

    Arts Teacher & Artist

    Cornelia received her qualifications at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg, studying painting and arts education. After discovering the possibilities of the 3Doodler she has focussed entirely on lifting her pictures off the page.


    In her creative work, Cornelia has amassed an incredible body of intricately structured figures, decorative items and models, using the 3Doodler. She always seeks new possibilities in working with the 3Doodler pen and materials, such as as melting to smooth and shape creations, and combining glossy and plain surfaces to create truly unique pieces.

    Past Work

    Antoni Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia is a church full of mysteries and wonders. Seeing it grow, knowing that building began over a century ago, I greatly admire Gaudí and his following architects, who are bringing this very unique church to life – and won’t give in, no matter the effort.

    Still unfinished, I always tried to imagine what it would look like when finally the last stone is set. Unlike Gaudí, who knew that he would never see his church finished, we have only to wait for another ten years to see it towering over Barcelona.
    I’d been using the 3Doodler for about a year, when the idea arose to not only recreate the half finished church, but to complete Gaudi´s work – at a miniature scale, of course. As an artist, I liked the idea of diving into Gaudí’s idea of architecture and art by going through the creative process of re-building it, researching every detail that I could lay my hands upon.

    Following detailed research on plans, drawings, photos, floor plans and photographs, I began to lay out my own plans. I drew stencils, counted heights and relations, looked up proportions and scaled them. I tried different ways to recreate the parabolic form of the towers, using hot air and wooden moulds.
    With the 3Doodler it was possible to mimic the different surfaces of the church; I made flat pieces, 3-dimensional decoration, and assembled everything – needing no other tool than the 3Doodler (and a hot air gun). It's a modelling tool, a pen, a brush, glue, paint and modelling material – all in one. I don’t know any other tool that can do this! 

           I admire how everything in the Sagrada Familia is planned, how stories are told by architecture, how nature, architecture and religion co-exist, creating an absolutely perfect whole that matches in every way possible.

    Protips from Cornelia

    Slow Down!

    The 3Doodler PRO has different settings for speed – use them! Doodling fast is awesome to make plain surfaces and to cover larger areas. But for delicate details, I strongly recommend to slow down – the tiny shingles on the tower decorations were made using a very slow mode to form each more precisely – and a lot of patience.

    It's the ultimate all in one tool

    3Doodler offers a broad variety of materials and colours - use them all. Combine them, melt them, Doodle over them again – never forget, it’s a pen, brush, colour and modelling material, all in one!

  • JonathonHarris


    Australian artist specializing in live and installation art pieces. Jonathon's artwork features digital and traditional media for interactive artistic experiences.


    Jonathon has been performing his own work for twenty years across four continents. Taking inspiration from the cultures around him, his own experience and the views and actions of others, he weaves together stories and images that are as unforgiving as they are emotive. The human form is always central to Jonathon’s work, even when physical people are not present. Jonathon is currently showing his exhibition "The Original Memory/The Final Act" from 25 August – 2 October 2016 at The Art Gallery of Ballarat.

    Past Work

    This exhibition is about revisiting fragmented memories and walking the fine line between fact and fiction. It really does depend how you remember it.

    With voices recorded twenty years apart and on different continents, this is the original memory and a memorial - and at its center is a life-sized, hand drawn 3D drawing of the human form attached to a string of written and spoken thoughts.

    I wanted to create a drawing and shell of a human being that is both solid and fragile at the same time, using unexpected and emerging technologies. I wanted to create a 3D drawing using my own 2D drawing style. The 3Doodler enabled me to do this directly onto a cast of the human body and not miss any required detail. Once the cast was secured, different versions were made/drawn with the pen - enabling me to plan how different parts of the drawing could be joined and made whole.

    Drawing the figure was a slow progress with 56 hour of drawing and 949 strands of black plastic, but with careful planning, the drawing began to come together and inform the piece as a whole including its environmental and performative elements.

    The 3Doodler's creativity and its innate pushing of boundaries allows me to blur the line between drawing and sculpture.

           I wanted to create a drawing and shell of a human being that is both solid and fragile at the same time... I wanted to create a 3D drawing using my own 2D drawing style.

    Protips from Jonathon

    Planning is Key

    Success with the PRO is all in the planning. Make sure you plan which materials you are going to use and try alternative plastics when making prototypes. Also separate your artwork into different sections, as each section can be joined together easily.

  • WendyFok

    Creative Director

    Wendy received her BA in Architecture from Barnard College, Columbia University, and her Master of Architecture and Certification of Urban Policy/Planning from Princeton University. She continually seeks ways to incorporate new architectural elements into major world cities, like her two home bases of New York and Hong Kong.


    Wendy is the founder of WE-DESIGNS LLC and Resilient Modular Systems, PBC. Her designs draw on inspiration from mathematics, tying in principles from architecture, digital media, and design. Wendy's design installations have been displayed around the world in Singapore, Paris, London, Dubai, Toronto, Shanghai, Athens and more. Her work aims to incorporate art and interactive spaces into city planning and architectural design.

    Past Work

    “Exploded Prisms” focuses on an exploration of geometric structures and how they can be applied spatially in sculptural installations or other various projects. This particular design takes pyramids and prisms and gathers them at a focal point, so that the angular prisms eventually form a circular structure.

    The design serves as an exploration of how simple geometric shapes can interact together to create more complex forms or shapes that are seemingly unrelated to the individual pieces.

    My design process relies on continual feedback. There must be a back and forth between mediums: paper, digital, glue, 3D printers, or whatever else. There is constant interaction between the objects at hand and the digital form, and I feel that the relationship between mediums, tools, and techniques are integral to the process of design and creation.

    The PRO pen is especially useful in this communication between the digital and material. Most of my designs are first made in my sketchbook. Ideas are then transferred between the sketchbook and the computer and sometimes re-iterated through other forms of model making materials.

    The PRO pen is most useful when integrating finer details into a sketch model, and visualizing how the design could fit into a landscape or general architectural setting.

    Simply, the PRO allows the ability to build in 3D space that a traditional fountain pen or digital plan does not.

           The relationship between mediums, tools, and techniques are integral to the process of design and creation.

    Protips from Wendy

    Tips for accuracy

    I suggest always using the PRO pen with accurate temperature settings to ensure the best way to work the various material options.

    When drawing, hold the material and count to 3 or 5, to allow the material to harden' this allows the designer to more accurately form the shape.

  • DylanBlau


    Co-Founder of #AllNaturalVines, freelance filmmaker and animator who creates high quality Stop Motion design often using basic materials like clay, paper, wood or plastic.


    Dylan was studying Economics when first discovered Vine - and used it to clear his mind during finals. Three years later, and this past-time has become part of Dylan's career as an animator with extraordinary stop-motion Vines. Dylan now works full-time on stop-motion animation, motion graphics, 2D cel animation, and 3D animation to create unique & stunning visual results.

    Past Work

    I’ve always been fascinated by platonic solids. In a lot of my videos, low poly paper craft shapes are used as part of the sets. What intrigued me with this project in particular was the ability to be able to see every edge and connecting point of the shape, since all that’s needed to hold it together is the wireframe.

    With this project I wanted to show the very foundation of the PRO pen. It is just as you expect, drawing in 3D space. By transitioning from a flat square to a cube, the goal was to illustrate that with the PRO pen, you literally ‘lift your imagination off the page’. And by implementing more and more complex shapes as the video goes on, the viewer realizes that the things you can create go beyond just the basics.

    I like to draw on stencils first, which allows me to get the most accurate representation of the designs. Thanks to the ability to mold and weld the material with the tip of the PRO pen, edges and corners can easily be achieved, turning flat Doodles into 3D objects.

    Usually it helps if I create a mockup in 3D software. You can never get the same organic and crafty feel with computer generated imagery though, and that’s where I like to grab the PRO pen and turn my design into a piece of art that you can actually grasp.

    With speed and temperature adjustments right at your fingertips, the PRO pen is highly customizable, making it the most advanced 3D drawing experience yet.

           What intrigued me was the ability to be able to see every edge and connecting point of the shape, since all that’s needed to hold it together is the wireframe.

    Protips from Dylan

    Experiment & Be Amazed

    There is a learning curve with the PRO pen. Just keep experimenting and you’ll be amazed by what you’ll be able to create! And most importantly, have fun during the process!