Watch Kelley powerpuff herself

How to Powerpuff Yourself in 3D in 3 easy steps

Step 1:Inspiration!

We love the online app where you can go wild designing your unique character in 2D. After you Powerpuff Yourself, complete a short questionnaire to reveal your super power!

Step 2:Doodle the Perfect Face & Hair

Start with the 3Doodler Start DoodleMoldTM, which is specially designed so you can easily create the perfect face, eyes and hair in The Powerpuff Girls style, every time! Doodle one half for the face and eyes, and repeat for the hair.
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Step 3:Style & Accessorize!

Now, use the DoodleBlocksTM to Doodle the body, clothes and cool accessories. Don't see the accessory or clothing style you want? Then design it yourself - you can Doodle freehand, or if you want more control, draw a stencil in pencil and Doodle right over it to create that perfect accessory!
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What's included?

Powerpuff Yourself Pen Set - $69.99

Includes: Special Edition 3Doodler Start × The Powerpuff Girls Pen + USB, Powerpuff Yourself Activity Guide, 4 Mixed Plastic Packs, 1 Powerpuff Yourself DoodleMold, 4 DoodleBlocks

Powerpuff Yourself Activity Kit - $24.99

Includes: Powerpuff Yourself Activity Guide, 2 Mixed Plastic Packs, 1 Powerpuff Yourself DoodleMold, 4 DoodleBlocks

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