This week we're excited to feature our second advanced 3Doodler project tutorial. Under the expert guidance of Connie, we'll be walking you through each step in making breathtaking Tiffany-Style Candle Holders using the 3Doodler.

Not just that, but you'll be picking up a brand new texture trick: Doodle Baking! Carefully making use of your standard kitchen oven you'll be able to achieve new heights of seamless 3Doodler effects.

Sound like too much already? Not to worry! We've put together a step-by-step sequence of photos and instructions documenting Connie's techniques including a downloadable stencil to follow. If you get lost simply return to the previous step and refer to the examples.

You'll Need

  • Your 3Doodler (v.1 or 2.0)
  • Print out of the Tiffany Candle Holder Stencil
  • Aluminum foil
  • An Oven
  • Strands of the translucent colors of your choice

1It all starts with The Stencil

Make sure you have a printed copy of the Tiffany Candle Holder Stencil.

You can choose between the Cube or Cylindrical Candle Holder (or both!).

Redraw the outline of the holder of your choice with Tuxedo Black PLA. If you haven't worked with PLA yet, don’t forget to cover the stencil with tape or laminate (or use the Doodle Pad) so that you can peel off your lampshade outline after Doodling.

Draw slowly and carefully, leaving no gaps - the goal is to create even and straight lines.

2Fill In The Gaps

Fill in the open spaces with the translucent PLA colors mentioned below (or other colors of your own choosing).

Be very careful not to leave any holes or gaps, filling out the spaces completely – if you don’t, there will be holes in your candle holder after the melting process. Focus on filling each open space with one color at a time before changing colors.

For smooth color-changes let two colors overlap with each other; for mixed colors draw one color on top of the other (e.g. Clearly Blue and Clearly Cherry), to create a nice purplish color as shown on the Hummingbird’s wing feathers.

Peel off your finished Doodle carefully.

3Get Baking!

This is where your Oven joins the game! Pre-heat your oven until it has reached 160°C, or 320°F.

Place your Doodle on a sheet of aluminum foil (with the shiny side facing up) and onto the baking plate of your oven, in the middle section.

Let it bake for about 10 minutes. Keep watching the melting process! The Doodle is finished when the surface of your Doodle has melted into an even, smooth and glossy surface.

Bonus Option: Prolong the melting process – the longer the melting process, the smoother the surface!

4Let it Cool

Carefully take your baking plate out of the oven and let the Doodle cool down.

Peel off the aluminum foil – you should now have a clear and smooth Doodle, with no signs of single Doodled lines.

The little butterfly on the Flower Field Candle Holder was bent while still lukewarm. Alternatively, bend it later on by applying gentle heat from your hair dryer.

5Taking Shape

This step differs according to the two different shapes of the Candle Holders.

Shape it to match the holder design you have chosen, as outlined in steps 5a or 5b below!

5aCube Candle Holder

For the Cube Candle Holder take two of your four squares; put one square flat on your table, fixing it with tape so it can’t escape and the other at a right angle to the first, so the edges meet.

Take your 3Doodler and draw a thick line along the corners, making tight and tiny curves so as to glue the two parts together.

Repeat the same process with the two remaining squares.

Now take some tape and fix the two parts into the final form of your cube. Take your 3Doodler again and join the corners together. You’re almost done! Doodle the matching base coaster. Take care that you strengthen the area where you want to place your tea candle (so as to save your tablecloth from burn marks). You can also add small sheets of glass to protect your coaster and/or tabletop. Please remember to never leave burning candles unattended!

5bCylindrical candle holder

For the Cylindrical Candle Holder get yourself a bigger cylindrical drinking glass, cup, a glass vase or a bottle. It's dimension should roughly fit the length of the rectangle of your Doodle.

You can check this by taking a piece of string, cutting it into the length of the rectangle of your doodle and then measuring it around your glass.

Take your Doodle and a piece of tape. Tape one edge of the Doodle onto the glass.

Get your hair dryer and set it to the highest temperature possible. Start blowing the heated air onto your Doodle, starting with the point where the Doodle is taped onto the glass. Press the Doodle into shape with your hand, moving slowly until you have reached the other end of your Doodle.

Release the Doodle and press the edges together to create the seam. Use a little bit more hot air to bend your Doodle until the ends meet (if necessary).

Seal the seam from the inside of the candle holder with your 3Doodler, leaving the smooth outer surface untouched.

You’re almost done! Doodle the matching base coaster.

Take care that you strengthen the area where you want to place your tea candle (so as to save your tablecloth from burn marks). You can also add small sheets of glass to protect your coaster and/or tabletop. Please remember to never leave burning candles unattended!

6Admire and Share

That's it!

Congratulations on powering through our tutorial on how to incorporate heating techniques to your 3Doodles.

All that's left is to do is drop a tea light in and bask in the warm glow of your 3Doodled masterpiece. If it's awesome as I think it is, it's probably time to take a pic and get social with it.

Tag it with #3Doodler and you might just show up in our DoodleFeed. Just sayin'.