Mix and Match!

Welcome to the second 3Doodler campaign! Mixed Media! We’ve seen our community use their 3Doodlers with almost everything around the house or office, from zippers to string, glue, snow globes, t-shirts, hair pins, paint, buttons, and even nail polish… as you can see - the sky is the limit.

Mixed Media Stencils & Projects

Looking for items around the house to Doodle with? Let us help you out! Our team scoured local art supply stores, fabric and accessory shops to find the best items to make any Doodled creation shine! Check out our 30 downloadable projects - and don’t forget to share a photo of your finished Doodle on Social Media! MixedMedia-SnowGlobe

MixedMedia-Candle Holder

Hanging planter

MixMedia-Photo frame

Watch Craftmath

Mix-Media-Spray stencil



FriendshipBracelet CraftMath


Notebook CraftMath





MixedMedia-RIng Jewelry box

MixedMedia-Puzzle Keychain




MixedMedia-Fridge Magnets

Mix-Media-Voting pins


Mix-Media-Mini bag


Hanger craftmath

Final tissue craft

Collar Necklace

canvas craft

Bookmarks craft

Doodle Off

So you’ve visited our Mixed Media page, tried our some of the Mixed Media, and are now looking for a challenge? Take part in our Doodle-Off, dedicated to Mixed Media projects and win great prizes. The first Doodle-Off challenge is a 3Doodled candle holder.

Check out our Community Website for more inspiration. Once finished, post a photo of your Doodled Candle Holder on any of our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram channels, using the hashtag: #3DoodleOff or your chance to win - Good luck!

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