Get in touch with your inner flower-child with a decorative but useful doodle!

Add some bohemian flare to your home decor, and protect your tabletops and surfaces at the same time!
Inspired by designs from Moroccan mandalas, this drink coaster is easy to customize with the colors, textures, and styles of your choice.
Learn how to create your own Bohemian Flower Coaster with our easy step-by-step tutorial below!

What You'll Need:

  • Your 3Doodler Create pen
  • PLA plastics in 6 colors of your choice
  • Doodle Pad
  • Blank Paper
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Circular items for tracing

1Create a stencil

Trace around your circular items to create a stencil with guidelines for different size concentric circles. Use the ruler to divide your circle stencil evenly and provide a guide for keeping your patterns even.

2Start in the center

Use your first color and create a large dot in the very center of your circle.

3Let it grow

Use the second color and add smaller dots around the edge.

4Moving out

Use the third color to create a pattern which extends to the first of your inner circles.

5Pretty petals

Use the fourth color to create an even petal pattern following the guidelines of your stencil. The tips of each petal should touch the next circle. Fill in each petal with a texture of your choice.

6Lovely layers

Use the fifth color and add another layer of larger petals evenly spaced and reaching the next inner circle. Fill in each petal with a contrasting texture to make them stand out from the first layer.

7Branch out

Use your sixth color and create a leaf pattern. The tips of your leaves should extend just beyond the outermost circle. Create a texture similar to leaves by drawing a line down the center of each one, and filling in each side with slanted lines.

8Back to the beginning

Use the first and second colors to add finishing details in between each of the outer leaves.

9Peel it off

Carefully peel your finished coaster off your DoodlePad.

All done!

Your Bohemian Flower Coaster is ready to use, protect your surfaces, and add a bit of color and flare to your home decor!

Making your own flower coasters?

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