The 3Doodler Story

For WobbleWorks Co-Founders, Maxwell Bogue and Peter Dilworth, the 3D printing pen was an invention of accidental genius, creativity and quick thinking.

Inspiration struck after a traditional 3D printer missed a line near the end of a 14-hour print job, leaving an unplanned gap in a finished piece. That’s when it hit Bogue and Dilworth - Instead of starting over, why not take the head off the printer and fill in the gap manually?

A day later, the first 3Doodler 3D printing pen was born. It was a clumsy looking device featuring a collection of gears, a heater unit, and the printhead of his now dismantled 3D printer. The words “3Doodler” were embossed on its side and colored in green and red in felt tip pen.

The rest is history.

Bogue and Dilworth joined forces with co-founder Daniel Cowen in 2012, and the 3Doodler went on to raise nearly $4 million USD in two successful Kickstarters and has since become the best-selling 3D printing product of all-time.

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Our Purpose is to inspire and enable everyone to create.

Our Plastics Promise

We want you to trust every Doodle you or your children create! That’s why we partner with the best engineers and factories around the world, and source only the highest quality plastics.

All 3Doodler plastic strands are made from the highest quality materials, at factories in the US, UK and Spain, and they have all been subjected to the strictest standards of safety testing. This includes passing RoHS testing, Toxological Risk Assessments, LHAMA compliance testing, and heavy metal testing by labs including Intertek and Bureau Vertias (two of the world's most reputable testing labs).

Our 3Doodler Start plastics melt at low temperatures so that they are completely safe for kids, and they are also certified as compostable, meaning they will break down over time under typical household compost conditions. Something we are all pretty excited about is that ALL of our plastics are certified as recyclable.

We are proud to work with many trusted retailers, such as Michaels and Target, who value (and also insist on) high standards of quality and safety testing. Unfortunately, there are an increasing number of plastics available through online marketplaces which claim to be compatible with the 3Doodler, but are not. In addition to damaging your 3Doodler pen, the third party plastics are often sized wrong, low grade (resulting in poor quality output, including bubbling), and come from questionable sources, or have certifications from unknown labs where safety cannot be verified.

We promise to uphold only the highest standards when it comes to our plastics, and in doing so, we hope to make your choice as easy as... Doodling a pyramid!

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Wirecutter, A New York Times Company (2018)

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Five Stars *****

It has been used by Prince Harry and David Cameron. I use mine to draw dinosaurs
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Simple and ingenious

Our Founders

Maxwell Bogue
Maxwell Bogue
Max Bogue is Co-Founder of WobbleWorks, Inc., the parent company of 3Doodler. Before founding WobbleWorks Inc., Max was a Director of Consumer Robotics at Handy Robotics and an R&D Manager at WowWee, where he launched products including Rovio, RS Media and ChatterBots.

Max bas been described by the Huffington Post as “the happiest man at CES”, by PCMag as “one of the top 10 things at New York Toy Fair 2018” and was credited with bringing “The Craft (And The Joy) Back To Tech”. Max has been invited to keynote and speak at events worldwide, include LeWeb, CE Week and “tech+”, organized by the Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy.

Max is a graduate of Purdue University’s Computer Science Program, having also attended USC’s Film Production Program.

Daniel Cowen
Daniel Cowen
Daniel Cowen is Co-Founder & CEO of WobbleWorks, where he oversees business development, marketing and operations.

Previously a co-founder of two award-winning software start-ups and a former corporate lawyer, Daniel was born and raised in England and has lived in Chicago and Montreal. Daniel has been invited to speak at conferences and summits around the world, including the Seattle Interactive Conference in 2011, Northern Voice in 2012, Wired Magazine’s Next Generation Event in 2013, the Nordic eCommerce Summit in 2014, and the International Crowdfunding Convention in Taiwan in 2016.

Daniel also co-authored the Hong Kong entry for “Getting the Deal Through – Private Equity Transactions” (2010) and has written for The Huffington Post’s Blog on 3D printing and tactile technology on multiple occasions.

Peter Dilworth
Peter Dilworth
By day, Dilworth is the CTO of 3Doodler’s parent company, Wobbleworks LLC, a toy and consumer design house based out of New York, Boston and Hong Kong. The company’s creations include 3Doodler, Flap-itz, a line of fun, easy-to-use headbands with articulated, moving ears, Butch the Dino, which uses a two-legged, bi-pedal walking platform that features four directional walking using only two motors, and the aforementioned Troody, a projected started while at the MIT Leg Lab.

Before Wobbleworks, Dilworth designed robot toys for Wowwee and was part of the research staff at MIT’s Media and AI Labs. He graduated from Northeastern University and is currently based in the Boston area.

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