3Doodler Bootcamp

It’s time to put you through your paces and teach you the basics that will pave the way towards making you a Doodle master. You will be presented with three fun and easy drills. While simple, these drills will teach you the fundamentals needed to make much more complex and intricate pieces later on.


We recommend one 3Doodler for every 1-2 participants. 3Doodler PLA or ABS strands: 3 strands per 3Doodler.

Drill #1: Doodling a cube

In this drill, we’re going to make a cube. Basic shapes are the fundamental building blocks of even the most complex structures. Once you’re comfortable with simpler shapes, you can use this technique to make any geometric design, no matter how large or intricate!

Pressing firmly downwards, draw a one inch (2.5 cm) square on your Doodling surface. This will form the foundation and underside of your cube. Reinforce the shape by tracing over it again.

From each corner, Doodle a one inch (2.5 cm) vertical line, releasing the extrusion button when you reach the desired height. Hold the 3Doodler in place for 2-3 seconds, allow the plastic to harden, then pull away.

Connect the top of the vertical lines by Doodling from point to point, creating a square. This is the top of the cube. Now your cube is sturdy and ready to stand on its own!

Drill #2: Doodling a squiggly tower

This drill teaches you how to make structures that stand on their own, so you can explore the fundamentals of free hand drawing and create Doodles in mid-air.

Pressing firmly downward to anchor the plastic to your Doodling surface, draw the outline of a one inch (2.5 cm) square, then move the pen back and forth diagonally to shade it in fully.

In the center of your square, begin to build up the base of the tower by tightly coiling the plastic as it extrudes.

Build up your coil until it is about one inch (2.5 cm) high and then move your hand upwards with a smooth sweeping motion from side to side.

Drill #3: Doodling a dog

This cute little guy is quick and easy to make – and will get you ready to create almost any creature or character you can dream up!

Anchor the Doodle on to a surface creating the paw of your dog. Then lift the pen to create the first back leg. Continuing in one fluid motion, loop back down towards the paper so that the plastic forms a tight arch – now the dog has both back legs. Attach the second back paw to the paper & fill it in.

Reinforce the legs by tracing over them a few times, finishing with the pen at the top of the arch. From this point, Doodle a tight horizontal coil to form the dog’s body. Ideally, his body should be a little shorter in length than his legs.

The end of the horizontal coil forms the dog’s front shoulders. From there, Doodle downwards to make the first front leg, then Doodle the paw, attaching it to the surface. Next, trace back up along the leg to make an arch and Doodle down to make the second front leg and paw.

To create the dog’s neck, Doodle a short, tight coil diagonally upward from the dog’s shoulders. At the front end of the coil, Doodle an oval shape to create his head, with two little bumps to form his ears.

Stop the flow of plastic and disconnect, then move the pen to the rear of his body and resume the flow of plastic, pressing gently to attach it. Doodle his tail any shape you want!