We're always hungry for more Doodles, so we went for the low-hanging fruit and created a sweet selection with the new Super Fruit FLEXY

Fruit Lights

What You'll Need:

Super Fruit FLEXY

Click the images below to get the stencils for each fruit!

1A Berry Good Start

Tape masking tape over the stencils so you can remove your Doodles easily.

3Doodler Tip: Masking tape works great as a surface to Doodle on because the plastic comes off while still keeping the right form, and the tape comes off without any sticky residue on the surface you're Doodling on!

Masking tape the stencil

2Go Bananas for Borders

Doodle the border outlines from the stencils, and then start filling in the surface area.

Outline the stencil
Fill in the areas
Fill in the stencil

3Make it A-peel-ing

Add extra details to make the fruit look more realistic, like seeds on the watermelon!

Add detail

4It's Berry Bendy

Bend your Doodle into shape and Doodle the edges together!

Bend and Doodle
Doodle together
Doodle together
Doodle together

5Perfectly Pear-ed

Free form Doodle stems or other additions to your fruits! 

Add a stem


Now your fruits are ready to be displayed! Attach them to strings of lights, arrange them in a decorative bowl, or come up with your own creative use for them!

H-apple-y ever after!

Geometric Fruits

Making your own Doodled fruits?

Show us your version of this fruity Doodle! Be sure to tag us @3Doodler and use #3Doodler and #WhatWillYouCreate