The 3Doodler Community website features over 250 free-to-download stencils and tutorials, with new content added all the time. These projects work well for individual use, but with a little creativity they can also be transformed into exciting and engaging classroom companions!

Here are a few examples of how you can quickly and easily turn any 3Doodler Community stencil into a fun and effective classroom activity.

The Rhinoceros Beetle

Doodled Rhinoceros Beetle

Using our Rhinoceros Beetle stencil as a starting point, students can explore natural selection and evolution through Doodles.

Each student starts by following the basic stencil to create their Rhinoceros Beetle. You can then assign various living conditions for the student’s bugs, tasking the students to come up with appropriate adaptations to their models to allow the beetle to thrive in their new environments (including size, horns, and coloring).

Doodled Beetle

Allomyrrhina pfeifferi

Doodled Rhinoceros Beetle

Allomyrrhina dichotoma

Doodled Beetle

A new student invented species!

Fun Fact:

The Rhinoceros Beetle lives on every continent except for Antarctica and spans over 300 species. In the wild, rhinoceros beetles live among plants, leaf litter and fallen logs. Check out some of the species here, including the Xylotrupes gideon, a subspecies of the Fighting Beetle.

Use this idea with other creatures! 

Get started with these stencils available on our Community website:

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Famous Figures

Doodled Abraham Lincoln figurine

The Figure stencil is a versatile project that can be applied to a number of lesson plans. The finished project leaves you with a blank figure that students can then use as the basis for a variety of subjects, Doodling further details and adaptations. Examples include:

  • exploring the systems of the body
  • recreating traditional attire of historical figures
  • adding details to create literary heroes (like authors or their famous characters!)

The 3Doodled additions can be modified in any number of ways to enhance your current lesson!

Musculature figurine

 Muscular System

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

Harry Potter figurine

Harry Potter


Golden Gate bridge

Using the Golden Gate Bridge Stencil students can easily create a suspension bridge or a support bridge.

  • What are the pros and cons of each design?
  • In what sort of locations can you find these types of bridges?
  • What other types of bridges and structures can be made with these pieces?
Doodling a bridge
A Doodled Bridge
Doodling a beam
Stress testing a beam
A Doodled Bridge

Any one of our architecture stencils can follow this same methodology as the figurines as well. Whether you use a famous landmark, a simple bridge, or a basic shape, your students can test what it takes to build to new heights!

Additional challenges include:

  • How many stories can their high-rise climb without falling over?
  • How much weight can their bridge hold before collapsing?
  • What methods can be used to strengthen these structures?

The exploration is limitless!

Even the simplest structures can teach any number of engineering and physics concepts, while also forming the basis for lively classroom discussion.

Be sure to check out our comprehensive Bridge Building and Design curriculum here.

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