The 2016 3Doodler Awards are open for submissions until December 8, 2016! We brought back old categories, and introduced some new ones, and have bigger and better prizes this year.

Last week we took a closer look at the categories making a return from last year.  This week, we're going in-depth with the new additions to our awards list, with some inspiration and ideas to help you with your entries.

The 3Doodler itself is a product of innovation. It was the first of its kind, and we continue to look for new ways we can improve, invent, and inspire.

That's what the Da Vinci category is all about. We have seen Doodles do amazing things - we've seen working gears and moving parts, and have seen Doodles that solve problems in daily life with new solutions.

For entries into the Da Vinci Award category, we want to see your inner inventor come out.

We want to see Doodles that surprise us with their innovation and creativity, and show how the 3Doodler can be used for engineering, design, and construction.

Doodles can be made solely from 3Doodler plastic, or can be mixed media as long as the Doodled element is the main focus of the design, and serves the main purpose of the finished product.

Enter your Doodles for the Da Vinci Award

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The Nissan Qashqai made with 3Doodler by Grace Du Prez

We've seen Doodles this year that have pushed beyond what we thought possible. We even saw the World's Largest Doodle created, with the full-sized Nissan Qashqai!

To celebrate things being bigger than ever this year, we've introduced the Macro Award, for Doodles that have gone above and beyond when it comes to size!

There isn't a size limit for this category, or a minimum number of strands that need to be used. What we are looking for are Doodles that have gone big, and were created with a large-scale project in mind.

Judges will be looking for execution above all else for this category. It takes consistency, time, and attention to detail to create an oversized Doodle that works as a whole, and this is what entries for this category should show.

Doodles for this category may be mixed media, but should still show use of the 3Doodler for a large portion of the project.

Enter your Doodles for the Macro Award

A full-sized Doodled man
Art installation with Doodled elements
A model of Philips, WI made with 3Doodler

From the biggest all the way down to the teeny tiniest! The Micro Award is all about appreciating the little things.

Doodling on a small scale takes precision and serious attention to detail. Micro Doodles may be small, but they're just as difficult - if not more so - than regular-sized projects!

We're looking for Doodles that show a steady hand and an acute eye to show more in a smaller space. There aren't any size restrictions on the Micro Award, but it should be clear that the Doodle is on a smaller scale or represents the larger world in miniature.

Mixed media entries are discouraged, as working in miniature leaves little room for other materials.

Entries can be stand-alone pieces, fit into a larger miniature world, or even be entire Doodled scenes on a small scale.

Enter your Doodles for the Micro Award

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Diamond frames made with 3Doodler

Creativity shouldn't require a ton of materials or complex additions. Sometimes simplicity can be beautiful too!

It's that creativity under constraint that the Single Strand Award is looking for. All it takes is one strand of plastic - after that it's up to you to see what you can do.

We want to see Doodles that show creativity and ingenuity above all else. One strand isn't much to work with, but we know that there's a world of possibilities even with such tight restrictions.

No mixed media entries are allowed for this category, and only a single strand of one color plastic may be used. Entries must also include a video of the Doodle being created, to ensure that the submission meets these requirements. You may use any other tools to shape, stretch, or form your Doodle.

Enter your Doodles for the Single Strand Award

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This year we added the 3Doodler Start to our family of pens, making the fairy tale of a truly kid-safe pen a reality.

Now we want you to make your fairy tales come to life, with this category specifically for the 3Doodler Start! Show us your dragons, unicorns, and other fairy tale creatures.

Any creatures from myths, fairy tales, or legends from any culture around the world are welcome for entry. Doodles can be made-up fantasy creatures, as long as they are in-line with the world of fairy tales. Science-fiction characters or creatures are not eligible for this award.

Mixed media entries are allowed but the majority of the entry should be Doodled. Doodles must be made using only the 3Doodler Start and our Eco-Plastic.

Judges will be looking for creativity and imagination above all else, so let your inner child shine through!

Enter your Doodles for the Fairy Tale Award

*The above examples are meant to serve as inspiration only and were not made using the 3Doodler Start. Entries into the Fairy Tale Award category must be made using 3Doodler Start and Eco-Plastic.

You may enter as many Doodles into as many categories as you like. There is no limit to the number of entries one person can submit!

Doodles do not have to be newly created. You may enter any Doodle you have made in the past. The only exception is if you won a past 3Doodler Award, you may not submit the same Doodle again this year.