The 2016 3Doodler Awards are now open for submissions! This year we're going bigger and better, with more categories and more prizes than last year.

We've brought back some of the categories from 2015 that were a big hit, and made some changes and improvements to the criteria. Here's a closer look at the returning categories with details on how they've changed from last year, and some inspiration and ideas to help you with your entries.

2015 Fashion Award Winner Erica Gray with Crystal Matrix

In 2015 we had the Fashion Award, and encouraged entrants to channel their inner fashionista and show off their catwalk-ready Doodles.

This year we're looking for a wider range of wearable Doodled options. It's not just about dresses anymore - although we've seen some fantastic dress Doodles! We want to see Doodles applied to any item you might wear, in both women's and men's fashions. Shoes, clothing, and all manner of accessories are eligible for entry.

Comfort or practicality is not something we'll be looking for, but we do need to see that the item can be worn. Photos of your Doodle on a person or mannequin are highly encouraged!

Doodles can be made solely from 3Doodler plastic, or can be mixed media as long as the Doodled element is the main focus of the design.

The main thing the judges will be looking for is creativity and originality of your Doodled designs. Whether they are high-fashion or could be worn on a regular day, we want your Doodles to show your own unique fashion vision.

Enter your Doodles for the Wearable Item Award

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Doodled lampshade for Interior Design

Last year we saw Doodled decor that could brighten up any home. Bouquets and flowers were the front runners, as Doodled adornments that would never wilt.

For this year's Interior Design Award, we want you think outside the box - while staying inside the home! We're looking for Doodles that serve either a practical purpose for home use, or can be used as decoration. Works of art that can be hung on walls, lamp shades, vases and other interior elements are all open for entry.

Just like in the Wearable Item category, Doodles can be made solely from 3Doodler plastic, or can be mixed media as long as the Doodled element is the main focus. For this category, we also require a photo of the Doodle in the home, to show off how it applies to home decorating or interior design.

Judges will be looking for Doodles that show a strong sense of aesthetic and enhance the interior environment around them. We want to see Doodles that are made with a sense of purpose and direction, and show originality.

Enter your Doodles for the Interior Design Award

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Sheep Doodle for Living World

We saw some exceptional entries in 2015 for the Wildlife Award, with incredibly artistic creatures brought to life in Doodles.

We're expanding the award this year for the Living World to include any living thing - not just animals but plants, insects, sea life and people as well! This category is a celebration of our natural world and the environment that surrounds us.

Anything that has ever lived on planet Earth can be Doodled and entered for this category, including extinct species from the past. But only living things that have a basis in reality can be entered. Creatures from fantasy or made up animals or plants do not qualify. The same goes for creatures or characters from fiction, movies, or TV shows.

Mixed media entries are allowed, but other materials should play a minimal role in the finished Doodle.

We're looking for Doodles that show the spirit of the natural world. Entries can be more artistic or abstract, but we will still be looking for an element of realism and we should be able to easily identify the animal, plant, or species the Doodle represents.

Enter your Doodles for the Living World Award

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Doodler of the Year 2016

Last year we chose the best Doodle we had seen to honor with the Doodle of the Year award.

This year we're choosing to honor the person behind the Doodle. The Doodler of the Year Award will be awarded based on the entire body of work from one person that we have seen over the course of the year.

Entry into any category automatically qualifies you as a candidate for Doodler of the Year.

You may enter as many Doodles into as many categories as you like. There is no limit to the number of entries one person can submit!

Doodles do not have to be newly created. You may enter any Doodle you have made in the past. The only exception is if you won a past 3Doodler Award, you may not submit the same Doodle again this year.