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Blueberry Blue FLEXYTM

//Blueberry Blue FLEXYTM
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Blueberry Blue FLEXYTM

Flexible Plastic Single Pack


  • For every inch of plastic the 3Doodler creates 10 inches of Doodle.
  • Compatible with 3Doodler 1.0, 2.0, and Create
  • Holds well to clothing (Doodle emblems on your threads)
  • You can now squeeze, stretch, and twist your creations - a truly dynamic 3Doodler experience.
  • 10 inch straight-cut strands
  • Available in a 25-strand pack.
  • Great for Doodling flexible, rubbery, bendable items
  • FLEXY doodles have stretchable properties
  • For best performance please set your 3Doodler to HIGH TEMP
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