Feeding / Jams / Maintenance cover

First try pushing your plastic. As we mentioned before, don’t be afraid to push your plastic firmly down the length of the pen to ensure it engages with the gears and gets gripped properly. If the strand of plastic inside the pen is not long enough for you to grip or push by hand, you can also use another strand of plastic to push the first strand down and into the gear system.

Still Not Flowing?

You may have a plastic jam. It is possible for plastic to get wrapped around the drive gear, particularly during reversal (or if you do not snip your plastic ends). Fret not! While the maintenance cover should only be opened when absolutely necessary, as long as you follow the instructions in the manual (or here), you’ll be fine. All you need is a small flat-head screwdriver (included).

Key things to keep in mind:

1. Follow the step-by-step user manual at all times.
2. Never ever force anything into place! You risk breaking your pen if you do.
3. Ensure there is NO plastic inside the pen when you put the maintenance cover back on.
4. When replacing the maintenance cover, please be careful with the small tabs on the sides. If you line them up with the openings they are designed to fit into, they should pop into place easily, and you will avoid breaking them off.

If in doubt please get in touch with us here.