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Yes you can. And you can do so almost immediately as the “ink” cools very soon after leaving the pen. As long as it can adhere to plastic, it can help beautify your doodles. Spray paint can also be used; we recommend testing it on a small doodle first!

No. Absolutely not! You’ll burn yourself!

PLA melts at a lower temperature than ABS, so we have designed the pen to have two temperature settings, depending on the material in use at the time of 3Doodling. Please be sure to use the correct setting with the plastic you are using!

We have some amazingly creative users in Korea and Japan and plenty more of you searching for content in both languages.
To help out here are some key translations that will help you on your way.

In Korean 3D pen is 3d펜 and 3D printing pen is 3d 프린팅 펜.
In Japanese 3D pen is 3Dペン, while 3D printing pen is 3Dプリントペン.