Award Categories

3Doodler Wearable Item Award

Bring out your inner fashionista and Doodle the best outfit the catwalk has ever seen! Create new fashions in shoes, clothing, accessories, bags, or any other wearable item.

What We're Looking For

Entries for this award will be judged on creativity and aesthetics through the lens of fashion and design. Doodles will not be judged on perceived comfort of wear or practicality.

3Doodler Interior Design Award

Does your house look like it should be in the latest Elle Decor, Apartment Therapy, or Martha Stewart? Here’s your chance to show off your unique 3Doodled home decor style.

 What We're Looking For

Entries for this award should demonstrate a practical and/or aesthetic purpose inside the home. We will be looking for unique designs with a clear visual direction.

Photos of the completed entry should include at least one of the Doodle in a home environment.

3Doodler Living World Award

Whether it's plants, animals, insects or any other creature, 3Doodler loves nature! Celebrate the natural world around us with your environmental Doodles in this category.

What We're Looking For

Entries for this award must be of living things found in nature. Extinct animals or species are also allowed, but fantasy creatures or characters from fiction are not (so for example, dinosaurs are allowed, but unicorns or Bart Simpson are not).

Entries will be judged for realism, attention to detail, and how the Doodle shows the spirit of the natural world.

3Doodler Da Vinci Award

Inspired by the original Renaissance man, the Da Vinci Award invites all inventors to show off their creative designs. Show us your ideas with gears that move, Doodles that fly, or new tools to help accomplish every-day chores!

What We're Looking For

Entries for this award will be judged on their innovation and precision of execution. Doodles do not need to be completely original (for example, you could create a replica of da Vinci's flying machine), but should demonstrate skill in engineering, design, and construction.

3Doodler Macro Award

When it comes to this award, the BIGGER the better! Enter your larger-than-life Doodles for this celebration of all things super-sized.

What We're Looking For

There is no specific size requirement or restrictions for entries in this category, but entries should be on a large scale. Doodles for this award will be judged on execution and how well the end result works as an oversized Doodle.

3Doodler Micro Award

Sometimes the best things come in small sizes! This award celebrates the teeny and the tiny, and the precision required to make amazing works of art in miniature.

What We're Looking For

Entries for this award should have acute attention to detail and a high level of precision to create items in miniature. There is no specific size requirement or restriction, but Doodles should be on a miniature or micro scale.

Collections of small Doodles to tell a story, fully constructed scenes, or vignettes are highly encouraged.

3Doodler Single Strand Award

Sometimes the strictest constraints lead to the most creative results! Push the limits of your creativity in this category with a Doodle made from only a single strand of plastic.

Please note that entries for this category are required to include a video with their submission.

What We're Looking For

Entries will be judged on their creativity and ability to create under limitations. We want to see creative techniques and pushing the limits while demonstrating precision and a high level of skill.

3Doodler Start Fairy Tale Award

Once upon a time there was a magic pen that could make any idea come to life. For our first 3Doodler Start Award, let your imagination soar and show us your fantastic fantasy Doodles!

Please note that all entries for this award must be made using the 3Doodler Start and our 3Doodler Eco-plastic.

What We're Looking For

Entries in this category should be inspired by fairy tales, mythology, and fantasy stories. Entries do not need to correspond with a particular fairy tale, but should be in-line with the world of fantasy and fairy-tales (so for example, dragons and witches are fine, but aliens and UFOs would not qualify for entry). Fairy Tale creatures from any culture are welcome and encouraged!

Entries will be judged on their creativity and how well the character is represented.

3Doodler Doodler of the Year Award

The Doodler of the Year will be selected by our judges based on amazing work we have seen throughout the year from the incredible artists within our community. The Doodler of the Year is the best of the best, showing the highest level of skill, creativity, and innovation in their creations and use of the 3Doodler.

Submission into any of the above categories means automatic entry into consideration for Doodler of the Year.


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You can view the 2016 winners and runners-up here.


Winner for Each 3Doodler Awards Category Receives

  • One 3Doodler PRO pen
  • One Year's Supply of Plastic
  • 3Doodler Project Book
  • A Full Set of Accessories
  • 3Doodler Gift Bag

Winner for 3Doodler Start Award Receives

  • One 3Doodler Start Super Mega Pen Set
  • One Year's Supply of Eco-Plastic
  • One 3Doodler Start DoodlePad
  • A Full Set of DoodleBlocks
  • 3Doodler Gift Bag


For Submissions

8 DEC 2016

Winners Announced

5 JAN 2017

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  • 2Create An Amazing Doodle

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The Prizes

The Winner of Each 3Doodler Award Category Will Receive...

3Doodler PRO

The newest release from 3Doodler, with more control, options, and materials than any other 3D printing pen on the market.

A Year's Worth of Plastic

52 packs. Multiple colors and styles. One for every week of the year!

3Doodler Project Book

Over 150 full-color pages of tips, tricks, and inspiration. A perfect complement to any coffee table or creation station.

Accessory Kit

Everything you need to enhance the 3Doodler experience. A DoodlePad, DoodleStand, JetPack, and Nozzle Set.

The Winner of the 3Doodler Start Award Will Receive...

3Doodler Start Super Mega Pen Set

Includes a 3Doodler Start Pen, 8 packs of our specially designed Eco-plastic, 8 DoodleBlocks, a micro-USB charging cable and the 3Doodler Start Activity Guide.

A Year's Supply of Eco-plastic

52 packs. One for each week of the year. Environmentally friendly, completely kid-safe, and biodegradable in a home-compost!

3Doodler Start DoodlePad

Our new DoodlePad designed specifically for use with the 3Doodler Start and Eco-plastics.


A full set of our DoodleBlocks, including robot, rocket, car, ship, and other themed blocks

Official Rules

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