ABS vs PLA: Head to Head

It's time to talk plastic!

As you may have noticed when you first backed us, your 3Doodler comes with a bunch of plastic "ink". You have a choice between ABS and PLA, and many of you have asked us what the difference is, which we prefer and which you should choose. The team has been toiling away and we are now pleased to release our ABS vs PLA Infographic.

To reiterate some of the key points made in the infographic:

• We love using ABS for 3Doodling from stencils (like our Eiffel Tower), making bendable items (like jewellery), for spirals, and for drawing directly upwards off the page

• We love using PLA for 3Doodling on windows, metal and an array of other surfaces (because it sticks a lot better), and for those lovely translucent 3Doodles

Our overall verdict is as follows:

• We genuinely like using both plastics, but for different purposes. We've made great things with each, but at the end of the day it depends on the use, look and feel you are going for

• From what we have seen so far most people starting out with the 3Doodler like to 3Doodle upwards, make things that are strong yet bendable, and create easy to peel stencils, so if you are new to plastics and want maximum versatility at the outset, we suggest you start with ABS and experiment with PLA later on (but please do give it a try, as they are both great materials in their own unique ways)

Please feel free to send us any comments or questions. This is the first draft of the infographic and we plan to update it with any know-how that comes our way from the 3Doodler community.

Next Steps

This time next week we'll be releasing a survey to all backers of a 3Doodler pen asking you to choose between ABS & PLA. At the same time we'll be collecting Hall of Fame names (those of you who have had a survey on this already, we have yours!), and we'll be asking for your shipping address (don't worry, we'll ask again before we actually ship).

You will have exactly two weeks to complete the survey, following which plastic orders will be set. As mentioned before, we can't do mixed sets of ABS and PLA, and in addition to the wide array of plastic sources available to you, we will be offering 3Doodler plastic strands for purchase on the 3Doodler e-commerce store in due course.

Thank you!

The 3Doodler Team