Thanksgiving is the time of the year when we sit down with our families, celebrate all that we have, be thankful - and of course, eat!

Everyone knows the most important part of Thanksgiving is the feast, and with that in mind we've got five Thanksgiving-themed Doodles to get your guests gobbling!

Turkey glasses by 3Doodler
Turkey glasses by 3Doodler

Gobbler Glasses

Have fun with your guests, and get them in the festive mood with these fun glasses for any great gobbler!

Just add a beak and some jiggling bits to any of our glasses stencils and watch your guests turn turkey! Add feathers to get really creative!

Seasonal Seating

Planning to keep the peace at the Thanksgiving table with a carefully plotted seating arrangement? These customized name cards let your guests know where to set their plates while giving your feast an upscale feel.

Add some fall leaves to get into the autumn feel, or go your own way and add any decorative elements you like!

And show your guests how thankful you are to have them by letting them take home their own nameplate as a personalized party favor!

Customized name plates by 3Doodler
Wine glass decorations by 3Doodler

The Best Beverage Markers

When your guests grab their glasses to make their toasts, make sure they grab the right one! These Doodled wine glass charms help guests identify which drink is theirs, even amongst all the family hugs and mingling.

A spiral of ABS does the trick, with just enough give to make it easy to bend around the stem of your glass. Make each charm unique, and let guests pick their own when they get their drinks!

Fall Flavored Napkin Rings

Before your guests tuck into their turkey, make sure they have their napkins handy to catch any cranberry sauce!

With Doodled autumn leaves, these napkin rings fit any fall themed dinner party. Use a cylinder to create the ring shape. We recommend covering the cylinder in masking tape to help your Doodles slip off easier. Doodle the leaves separately and attach at the end!

Doodled Napkin Rings

Hand-some Turkeys

It's a simple kids' craft project turned up a notch with the 3Doodler Start! These hand turkeys are easy as pumpkin pie, and fun for everyone around your Thanksgiving table.

Just trace your hand with the 3Doodler Start - no exposed hot parts means no burnt hands - and then add your turkey beak and customize with any designs you like.

Perfect for keeping younger guests occupied at the kids' table - or for any adult guests who are young at heart. And the best part is that everyone can take their turkeys home as a memento of the feast!

Turkey glasses by 3Doodler

Happy Thanksgiving from 3Doodler!

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