3Doodler Accessories & More!


3Doodler Accessories & More!

After such an amazing 2013, we’re thrilled to kick off the New Year with some great announcements and a sneak peek of what’s to come from 3Doodler this year.

At CES in Las Vegas we’re announcing the roll out of 3Doodler to retail later this quarter, with stores such as ThinkGeek.com; the MoMA Store and Brookstone leading the way. We have also been working closely with distributors in a number of countries and expect to see 3Doodlers all over the world by the summer, and in over 21 countries by the end of the year!

But now for the part we are truly excited about – a sneak preview of the very first 3Doodler accessories, scheduled for release in the next few months: The DoodleStand, the 3Doodler Nozzle Set, and DoodleBlocks.

The DoodleStand

Is it a holder? Is it a moveable platform? Or does it just look damn cool on my 3Doodler?!

The DoodleStand is the perfect place to store your 3Doodler in-between creative sessions. But more than just a stand, the two front legs of the DoodleStand double as speed control buttons, allowing you press down with minimal effort and move the whole DoodleStand to create extremely stable and precise flat 3Doodles. Stencils just became that much easier!


The DoodleStand

3Doodler Nozzle Set

Since our Kickstarter began we’ve been inundated with requests for different size nozzles. Well we’ve gone one step further and will be releasing a range of nozzles in different shapes and sizes. Below are a few examples of what’s to come. These include our favourite, a flat nozzle for a wide ribbon-like extrusion; this is perfect for building structures and creating large shapes more quickly.

We expect the Nozzle Set to launch with six different nozzles, including different shapes and sizes, all housed in a handy tool that will allow you to effortlessly remove the 3Doodler’s nozzle.

3Doodler Nozzle Set

3Doodler Nozzle Set


The DoodleBlocks are molds that can be easily “filled in” or used to create contour lines for specific shapes and patterns. The molds will come in various shapes and forms including useful day-to-day shapes and patterns, as well as specially designed 3D structures, making it effortless to create perfectly shaped objects.

We have just completed the first set of production tests on the DoodleBlocks and the results have been great.



Pricing and exact launch timing have not yet been finalized, but we hope to have them in your hands from Spring 2014.

Thank you again for all your support, and stay tuned for more!


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  1. RobRob02-07-2014

    The new nozzles look great! One remark tho; Wouldn’t it be better to make the fine nozzle with a sharper point, so it is easier to get into tight spaces?

    Otherwise they look great, and soon to be next on my shopping list!

  2. SilvanoSilvano02-16-2014

    Great Accessories !
    Hope they will be available as soon as possible !
    By the way: today I receive my 3doodler…a wonderful day!

    Greetings from South Switzerland,


  3. jacob ferrisjacob ferris02-21-2014

    I DREAMED UP THIS PEN, OVER 20 years ago. except mine extruded metal…… don’t know why i didn’t act on it. I guess I have been waiting for the future and now it is here… I have been welding and building my whole life and have become ill . To sick to work, I have been going mad. The only thing that gets me by, is drawing and
    building models . But, now that I know that dreams come true ! THANK YOU ! Now I just need to dream up the money… …just hope I don’t die before I can attain one.!!! Namaste’ ,Asheville, N.C.usa

  4. M RazzanoM Razzano02-28-2014

    While these are nice accessories, how about a wire and plug to connect the ports to a computer or other device? The mounting place is already on the 3Doodler, the ports are built in, you really thought ahead to mount it to a robotic device or 3D printer. We just need the accessories to do so.

  5. Michelle TownsendMichelle Townsend03-05-2014

    My son gave me one for Christmas. I love it. I was hoping there were larger nozzles and I would like to try the PLA since he only bought me ABS. I would like to send you a picture of what I made…

  6. FritzFritz06-07-2014

    I love the pen! I am professional artist / sculptor, my work tends to be large scale. I wish you would make a pen / hand held tool that is more commercial / industrial delivering more plastic. Unfortunately the Doodler delivers plastic on too small of a scale. I feel like I am making sculptures for Barbei. If you ever make a tool that is on a larger scale I would love to test it.


  7. FillyFilly08-08-2014


    Just wondering when these accessories will be available? Haven’t seen or heard anything about these since this post!

    • Emma ParkingtonEmma Parkington08-10-2014

      Hi Filly,

      We’ll be introducing the 3Doodler accessories very soon! Stay tuned for updates.


  8. Sue TarkinSue Tarkin01-15-2015

    I do encaustic art. I am hoping to consolidate these doodler structutes into my encaustic art. Haven’t tried yet as I have been traveling. Do you think these will work with wax art?

    • Sean GillespieSean Gillespie01-18-2015

      Hi Sue,

      Interesting question! I think that would depend on what stage the wax is introduce into the process.
      The main concern I imagine is the heat from the plastic warping your medium.


The 3Doodler from Glass Ink Media.


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